Pet Guarantee*:

Most property owners are unaware that there are benefits to having a pet friendly property: over 70% of renters are pet owners. Opening up your rental to the majority of the market significantly raises the amount of interest and applicants for a property. Renters with pets have longer tenancy periods, which means less turnover and few expenses!

SOTO Property Solutions charges a monthly pet administrative fee to the tenant per each approved pet (identified in the lease as “Pet Fee”). We offer a guarantee that any damage caused to the home, above normal wear and tear, resulting from the approved pet(s) that is not covered by the security deposit will be reimbursed by SOTO Property Solutions to make necessary repairs on behalf of the owner. This excludes any Assistance Animals or Emotional Support Animals per Fair Housing Guidelines. This Free Pet Guarantee shall not exceed $2,000 per rental unit.

Pet owner must be a tenant with a signed lease with SOTO that we moved into the rental property.

We screen each and every pet and charge a reasonable pet administration fee to the tenant. All pet administration fees are the sole property of SOTO Property Solutions, and any amounts received through collection efforts for pet damages are the sole property of SOTO up to and including SOTO’s out of pocket costs and expenses plus pet guarantee amount.

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